Exterior Finishes

Explore the textures and tones of your story.

Exterior siding profiles can be equally effective for use as interior Character Walls and cladding.

Char Classic

Deep Char + Seal

Char Classic is available in various degrees of “alligatoring.” We typically insist on deep charring for maximum protection. Each species has a unique charred look.

Available in 3 sheens.

Red Cedar

Available in Matte Black or Light Sheen.


Available in Matte Black or Light Sheen.


Available in Matte Black or Light Sheen.


Deep Char + Brush + Re-Char + Seal

Reburn is exactly how it sounds: charred, brushed, then charred again—it’s essentially Char Classic and Burn & Brush finishes combined then finally sealed in a matte black, light gloss clear, or clear oil.

We are often asked the difference between Char Classic and Reburn finishes…

Think of Reburn as Char Classic and Burn & Brush put together, meaning you still get a bit of the “alligator skin” effect as Char Classic, but with the knots and hard grains elevated after getting brushed.

Notice texture in picture.

Reburn actually gets deep charred twice and has the most protection of any of the finishes we offer. It is only available in Western Red Cedar.

Burn & Brush

Deep Char + Brush + Stain

Burn & Brush gets deep charred then brushed, scooping away the charry layer creating a zebra pattern and texture. Once cleaned enough, penetrating oil colour stains can be applied.







Dark Walnut

Mission Brown


Flame Hewn

Random Hand Hew + Char + Seal

This handmade unique texture is only available with Accoya & Kebony woods— our most dense and robust wood offerings allowing us to create unique textures.


Light Kiss

Medium Kiss

Full Kiss


Light Kiss

Medium Kiss

Full Kiss