The charclad


After a decade of exterior wood refinishing and restoration, I discovered shou sugi ban-- or yakisugi as it’s known in Japan.

I immediately fell in love with the ultra low maintenance of charred wood and its numerous benefits—both functional and aesthetic.

It’s the perfect combination of environmental sustainability, modern sophistication, practicality, and ancient tradition. Yet it’s something infinitely more special than that...

It’s truly art.

After countless humbling hours learning the historic Japanese yakisugi techniques, I am extremely proud to introduce charclad; my personal line of handmade shou sugi ban for your exterior building material or interior decor needs.

We continue to work with architects, designers, custom home builders, businesses, and individuals to realize truly stimulating shou sugi ban designs and styles that can only charclad can provide.

Markian Simon Pergat, Owner & Shou Sugi Ban Master

What Is Shou Sugi Ban?

Yakisugi, (or,shou sugi banas it’s known in North America) is specific product of deep charring Japanese Cypress wood as a preservative to use as cladding for homes and temples.

Technically, when any other wood besides Japanese Cypress is charred it is not true yakisugi, as the word sugi means ‘cypress,’ however, most softwoods gain a similar affect and benefits when executed properly.

We are continuing the Japanese wood charring tradition, using the intense heat of fire to permanently close the pores of wood, protecting it from moisture, insects, and rot.

This historic process transforms untreated wood into a maintenance free work of art for use as both exterior building materials and interior decor.

And it looks absolutely ravishing.

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